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BLIND EYES OPENED is a first-of-a-kind Christian documentary that dives deep into the sex trafficking industry in the U.S. The film exposes the darkness that fuels demand, highlights survivors' transformations through Christ, engages lawmakers, law enforcement, organizations, ministries and experts across the country committed to ending the atrocities, all while showing Christ as the hope for all involved.

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Ships of Tarshish

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Ships of Tarshish produces high quality Christian television and film content highlighting critical social issues for the Church to engage in, showing Jesus Christ and His love as the hope of the world.


Production by Emmy-Award winning producers, proven in the field as a level of quality equivalent to mainstream television and film. Charitable donations are received to develop the new breed of Christian programming. Financial partners are critical to our success.


Proven distribution strategies reach Christians where they are through the Internet, television, cinema, mobile devices, and more.

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